Lionhead Goldfish, FishTankWeb.Com – Why many people want to learn about the origin, care and behavior of lionhead goldfish (Carassius auratus)?

One reason for this tendency is the popularity of this species.

Believe it or not, lionhead goldfish belongs to the top list in aquarium pet demand.

Many aspects from this unique fish attracts more and more eyes to set on them.

A Discussion about Lionhead Goldfish Origin

In order to get a step closer, the owner could start from the breeding history and the general anatomy.

This information will help to explain the appearance and later on, the general behavior it usually shows.

  • The Name

Some owner might wonder how this species gets its unique name. Take a look at the head.

It is bigger and create a shape that resembles a crown.

If the owners are familiar with Chinese lion-dog, they would be able to identify the similarity.

Breed in China, the breeders aim for this look, resulting in a species that have bigger head than those in the family.

The size of the head is different for each fish.

Sometimes, the head could grow with perfect proportion, leaving the eye and nostril area so the aquarium pet could see and breath properly.

There are also some cases where the head is not growing at all, and several species that have almost all their face covered with fleshy layers.

  • The Anatomy

In terms of appearance, the lionhead goldfish is often tagged as ranchu goldfish.

They belong to one family, except that ranchu is breed in Japan.

Compared to lionhead, the Japanese breed has curvier body. There is also a doppelganger fish called fantail goldfish.

The similarity point is in their caudal fins. As for the body, it is better to describe the pet as egg shaped instead of slim and slender.

The color of lionhead goldfish differs from one another.

It could be the combination of one of the following: red, orange, brown, white, blue and black.

The owner might also find calico or multicolored fish. For this reason, the lionhead pet is often mistaken as oranda. I

n this case, the only way to tell which is which is by looking at the dorsal fin since the lionhead has none.

Lionhead Goldfish Care Guide

The popularity of this unique lionhead species doesn’t reduce the complexity care points.

If the owners and breeders do not apply the proper treatment steps, then the lovely pet would give away.

In the other words, raising a lionhead goldfish should not be done by first timer owners.

  • Clean Water

Keep it mind that the beautiful breed has the lowest tolerance for pollution.

Thus, keeping the water clean is the top priority for the owners.

Many of them provide standard set up for goldfish by skipping the heater and filtration system.

For lionhead species, the owners must provide the biological filtration. In addition to the filtration, every week the water should be changed.

  • Regular Check Up

As mentioned previously, lionhead is not as tough as the other members of goldfish family.

With this said, the breeders and owners are expected to do regular check up everyday.

Any sign of infection and illness should be treated immediately. Delaying the treatment will not help the lionhead heals.

In fact, it might lead to even more serious problems.

  • Safe Food

Basically, this kind is a omnivorous; it eats both plants and meat. Among all of the feeding types, there are two options that are safe for lionhead goldfish.

These are the flake foods and frozen dried one.

Live feeding such as worms and shrimp should be avoided since these might bring parasites to the pet.

In addition, the live ones give hard times for the species to eat, since it has quite bad eyesight.

  • Great Tank Setting

When the owners visit the pet shop, there will be a lot aquarium shape.

They might wonder which one is the best choice for the lionhead fish. The answer is the tank that could provide wider surface.

It is going to add oxygen supply to the fish. As for the size, ten gallon is the minimum. Avoid raising the pet fish in smaller tank.

Lionhead Goldfish Behavior

Another point any owner needs to learn is the social behavior of the lionhead fish.

This topic is especially important when the owners are considering to add more tank habitats.

Make sure to keep the fish’s safety first before anything else.

  • Lionhead Goldfish Tank Mates

One thing that makes this aquarium species weaker than the others is its bad eye sight.

The fleshy had sometimes block the vision, making it hard for the fish to locate the food.

Moreover, the absence of dorsal fin adds its inability to swim fast.

With all these weaknesses, it is better to pair it up with another delicate species of goldfish such as the bubble eyed.

Adding competitive mates or the one from bottom scavenger category will surely stress the lionhead.

If the owners are looking for habitats variants only, consider the snails. It is a calm species that could help reducing the number of algae in the tank.

  • Lionhead Goldfish Breeding Season

Some owners are curious about the sex of lionhead goldfish in the tank.

However, it is quite difficult to tell whether the fish is male or female in the young age. The owner should patiently wait until the breeding season.

The male usually has white prickles, found in gill covers and head. For the female, try to observe from above.

It looks fatter when carrying eggs. In general, female will be more rounded than the male.

In its natural habitats, the spawning happens in spring.

Therefore, the breeders need to mimic the perfect temperature and area.

During this season, the male will have brighter color and chase the female in non-aggressive way.

The female then cornered into the plants area, where it will lay the eggs. Then, the male will fertilize it.

Images of Lionhead Goldfish

Photo Image Lionhead Goldfish Behaviour

Photo Image Lionhead Goldfish Bowl

Photo Image Lionhead Goldfish Care

Photo Image Lionhead Goldfish Feeding Food

Photo Image Lionhead Goldfish Tank MatesThe Below post is important to know:


For the owners who own lionhead goldfish, it is important to learn deeper about the species.

Understanding about the common goldfish species is a good start, but this information might not be enough to raise a happy fish pet.

The knowledge about the origin, care and behaviour of lionhead goldfish should also be improved.

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