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By the time the owners think that they know everything about the beautiful fish, there might be some missed information they haven’t learned yet.

Basic Information about Shubunkin Goldfish Facts

  • Shubunkin Goldfish Breeding Line

Many people would have thought that this colorful fish is a natural.

The early theorists believe that goldfish is the descendant of Crucian Carp, which habitats spread to all European waters, England, Russia and the black sea.

After detailed investigation had been conducted, it is found that the genetics are closer to C. Gibelio.

The truth is quite the opposite. Shubunkin goldfish is a cross breed between the common gold fish and the calico telescope eyes.

The breeding itself could be traced back around 1900s in Japan by a fish maniac called Yoshigoro Akiyama.

The result of this combination is a multicolored fish (calico) with strong body like common goldfish.

  • The Other Nicknames

It is not impossible to find this fish in the pet market, but some sellers might not be familiar with “shubunkin goldfish” nickname.

How so? The beautiful goldfish species has a lot of nicknames. Some of them are speckled goldfish, harlequin, calico and coronation fish.

The term “shubunkin” itself has unique meaning: the red brocade.

  • Shubunkin Goldfish Variants

While observing the shubunkin goldfish tank, the owners might or might not realize that some fish are different than the others in terms of appearance.

This is just shubunkins variants. In total, there are three types of the fish: London, Bristol and American.

Although they refer to one species, each one is quite different from the others.

The London variant, for example. It looks like common goldfish, except for its colorful tones.

This type has no other appealing point except for the color and sturdier body.

The Bristol type, in the other hand, is quite flashy on its own. In addition to the speckled scales, the fins are quite large.

Pay attention to the tail; the healthy Briston has wide tail fin with rounded shape. It looks like capital B.

The last one is American shubunkin goldfish.

Some say that it resemble comet goldfish, since the tail fin is dropped more compared to the London one.

Moreover, it is slightly wider than common goldfish, even though the size cannot be compared to Bristol’s.

Shubunkin Goldfish Purchasing Guide

Now that the owners ready to drive to the pet store, what about some guidance to purchase the healthy and nice shubunkin goldfish?

No one wants to pick the sick and less valuable aquarium pet for the same price, after all.

  • The Color

In the tank, it is common to see a fish with many colors on its body.

Keep in mind that calico goldfish might have the combination of the following colors: red, orange, white, black, blue, brown, purple, etc.

The question is: which one is more valuable? It is the blue one. In the other words, more blue tone in the body is equal to more valuable pet fish.

It would be great if the blue colors cover at least a quarter part of the whole body.

  • The Fin Shape

It is a common rule that any owners wanna be should know. Since the swimming aid for goldfish is its fin, then make sure that all fin develop properly.

The signs are quite noticeable: even fin shape without any nipping mark.

For Briston type, don’t forget to take a proper look at the tail fin: are they rounded or not?

  • Shubunkin Goldfish Diseases

In order to look through the health, it goes as simple as looking at the tank. If the water is clean enough, the fish should be healthy enough.

However, this single factor might not guarantee pet’s overall health. Pay attention to the way its swim.

If the goldfish has difficulties to swim straight, then it might get swim bladder disease.

Shubunkin Goldfish Care Guide

After purchasing one, the next awaiting job is to take care of the fish properly.

Although many reviews say that this fish is not hard to take care of, there are some points the owner should learn about the species.

  • Tank Size

There is some different guide written about the tank size for goldfish.

Some says ten gallon is enough, but that won’t work for shubunkin species.

This active fish needs at least fifteen gallon, with ten gallon upgrade per additional fish the owner put into the tank.

Otherwise, the fish will be stressed out, as it loves exploring the area.

  • Shubunkin Goldfish Feeding Option

Almost all goldfish species are omnivorous, no exception for shubunkin. It eats happily flake, frozen or live feeding.

To maintain the fish pet’s health, it is recommended to go with high quality flake food.

Once in a while, vary the menu with live brine shrimp or frozen feeding.

Since shubunkin is a greedy eater, it is best to feed them several times a day with small portion only.

  • Water Cleaning

Any fish that eat a lot will have more waste than the others.

No matter how hardy a fish is, panicking over thick pile of waste in the bottom tank would be natural reaction for a newbie owner.

For this reason, water change should be done every week.

Throw away one third or a quarter of the water in the tank and replace it with the clean one.

  • Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Decoration

Two must have items in the shubunkin tank is filtration and lighting.

Don’t forget to provide lid, since it helps to prevent evaporation. If the owners want to add plants and sand, make sure they have no sharp edges.

The plastic plant will last longer than the live one, as shubunkin loves to dig the ground.

  • Shubunkin Goldfish Lifespan

If the owners could perform the mentioned routine, then the shubunkin fish could be their loyal pet for about ten years.

This range applies when it is raised in a tank. For those kept in a pond, the period will be longer, up to twenty years in total.

Images for Shunbunkin Goldfish

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Photo Image Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Mates

Photo Image Shubunkin Goldfish TypesThis fish is best for you too:


The good thing about shubunkin goldfish is its easy care and treatment.

The owners are not required to do any extra effort in to keep it happy and healthy.

Should there be any confusing parts, the owners could always refer to a quick guidance to shubunkin goldfish above before taking action.

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