Flowerhorn Cichlid, FishTankWeb.Com – It is considered as a distinctive fish possessing an attractive temper, behavior and remarkable appearance.

If you want to keep Flowerhorn in your indoor aquarium, you will be able to impress people who visit your house.

Flowerhorn is not a peaky species when dealing with match choices.

It tends to be matched with the fish within one species or even from totally different species.

Flowerhorn Cichlid Facts

Flowerhorn is a hybrid fish. It was being bred in Malaysia from different cichlid species or line breed to obtain fruitful and healthy fish breed.

This type of fish rarely gets sick. It is also fertile and nice-looking.

Special feature of Flowerhorn is its ability to change colors and patterns from its earlier period of life until the reproductive period.

When you want to buy Flowerhorn with bright color, you have to buy the mature version of it.

If you choose buying the juvenile version as it has bright color, you will probably find it disappointing since the colors change during the live stages.

If you randomly buy juvenile Flowerhorn, you will be able to witness amazing color transformations.

During its reproductive period probably you will get an amazing colored Flowerhorn!

Unique Colors

Other unique feature of Flowerhorn is its bigger and bright hump on its forehead.

The colorful hump is only available in male Flowerhorn while female one tends to have smaller and unnoticed hump on its forehead.

The hump is one feature which is owned by all Flowerhorn. It is very rare to have two indistinguishable Flowerhorn.

Each fish has its unique body shape and color.

The body shape and the color will undergo some changes during its life period and reach its peak in its reproductive period.

Size, Tank Size and Lifespan

Flowerhorn is very easy to take care of as this type of fish is very stable and isn’t quite demanding.

This fish body can grow until reaching 30 to 40 cm. provide spacious aquarium which contains more or less 55 gallons of water for your fish.

If you pair this fish with other Flowerhorn, you have to provide much spacious aquarium with much gallons of water.

Flowerhorn is able to live between eight to ten years lifespan.

Standard Characteristic

To be categorized as qualified Flowerhorn, your fish should meet these standard requirements:

1. The body

your Flowerhorn body should be egg-shaped, large and huge with round belly. Some Flowerhorn new species have much larger shape.

2. The hump

Flowerhorn hump should be symmetrical and big compared to its body size.

3. Black spots

The black spots have to be clearly visualized and thick as the special feature of this fish. Some new species of Flowerhorn tend to not pay great attention to these spots.

5. Colors:

The most common color is red. Other colors are also acceptable as long as they are clear and bright.

6. Fins:

The fins need to be as bulky as possible.

Flowerhorn Cichlid Care

This fish is a very adaptive fish compared to other fish species. It is easily adjusting the water parameter where it lives.

It is also not a picky eater; basically it can eat any food you feed whether it is live food or artificial food.

This type of fish is not suitable for beginners’ fish breeding. The main reason is that Flowerhorn requires spacious tank to live.

Second, this unique fish is extremely violent and possessive with its territory.

It is suggested to place a single Flowerhorn in one large aquarium without any plants or tank mates.

For a starter, you can choose small and calm Flowerhorn.

However, when this fish reaches its reproductive period, it tends to be very aggressive and even bites off its owner’s hand when retaining the tank or feeding it some food.

Flowerhorn Cichlid Feeding

Generally, you can feed your Flowerhorn with live or artificial food.

The most favorite food is Flowerhorn artificial food, frozen mussels and prawns.

If you want to feed some live food, you can give it low-calorie fish, calamari pieces, and some fresh sprats or blood worms.

You can also give your Flowerhorn some veggies like spirulina-based veggies.

Make sure to give your Flowerhorn some food variations. Feed this fish twice or third times per day.

To keep the clear water, you can avoid giving your fish some polluted food.

The fish color is mainly influenced by kinds of food you feed it with.

You need to supply your fish with rich supplements and vitamins to make it healthy and fertile.

If you feed Flowerhorn, you will see that it can swim faster to the food location.

You can also feed Flowerhorn with your hand as it is not scared of humans.

You can also touch Flowerhorn barehanded while feeding some food.

But, you have to be extra careful as you might be bitten by Flowerhorn.

When you find that your fish doesn’t want to eat any food you give, it can be the indication that your fish may be sick.

Don’t try feeding your Flowerhorn with some beef heart or other meat as these foods can cause some digestive problems.

Flowerhorn Cichlid Tank Setup

Flowerhorn is fortunately not very sensitive with the condition of its water.

However, It is need to maintain the cleanliness of your water tank to keep the fish healthy and happy.

Since Flowerhorn is big in size and it is also messy when it eats, it is better to provide some water filters in the aquarium.

Schedule to clean the tank once or twice a month depending on how much the Flowerhorn eats the food.

Provide larger aquarium with 2 inches wide and 4 inches long as its standard living space.

Make sure to choose an aquarium which is able to store 55 gallons for a single Flowerhorn.

For the water temperature, you have to provide 28 degrees to 30 degrees water temperature.

Besides the water temperature, you have to consider the water pH and it should be ranging from 7.2 to 8.2.

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This fish is very amazing with its hump head.

You have to provide suitable aquarium condition for your Flowerhorn to make it living fertile and healthy.

Perfect tank size is very beneficial to optimal grow and avoid any stressed out situation for your Flowerhorn cichlid.

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