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Aside of being the most beautiful marine fish, this pretty finned swimmer has unique care sheet.

If the caretaker fails to follow the rules, then the pet fish won’t live long enough.

Identity and Anatomy

The scientific name for Mandarin Goby is Synchiropus splendidus.

In some areas, the beautiful fish is also called green mandarin, dragonet or striped mandarin. This genus is often mistaken as the other member of mandarin fish.

They are spotted mandarin (S. picturatus) or generally labeled as spotted-green mandarin fish, circled mandarin (S. circularis), redback dragonet (S. tudorjonesi) and west Australian dragonet (S. occidentalis).

  • Mandarin Goby Appearance

There is strong reason why people fall for the beauty of mandarin goby fish.

It has unique pattern that almost as artistic as the fine art. Not to mention, the vibrant tone on each line and pattern on the fish body.

Usually, the colors alternate orange, blue and green tone.

The marine member length is around four inches long for the adult.

This size applies for all mandarin goby fish. There is no such thing as the biggest or smallest marine species in the group.

If the pet owners look carefully, the mandarin goby has less scale compared to the other marine fish.

  • Personal Protection

It has been mentioned above that the pretty little fish has less scale than the others.

With this alarming feature, this fish is more vulnerable towards predators.

Luckily, it has strong extra protection. Around the outer muscles, a thick layer of slime cover the whole body.

It helps the fish to swim in the salty water without damaging the flesh.

Moreover, the slime has anti bacterial agent that could kill any bacteria and parasites.

Therefore, this fish doesn’t easily get sick.

While the mandarin fish is under threat, it will release certain kind of toxic that makes its body tastes awful for the predators.

The bright color on its body is also an indirect warning for the other species.

If it is under normal circumstances, there is no toxic released. Otherwise, this fish won’t be able to live in a community tank.

Mandarin Goby Facts

While considering to purchase the fish, the seller might warn the owner that this species is not fit for aquarium living.

Why is it so? Many mandarin goby fish dies because of the tank condition and bad diet.

If the fish owners plan to raise this pet for years, then they should pay attention to these two points.

  • Mandarin Goby Tank Size

In theory, the mandarin goby fish should live in peace with 30 gallon tanks. Why is it so?

Because its maximum size is just four inches at the maximum. In the reality, it is quite difficult to make the marine fish adapt to prepared food.

As the consequences, the owner should prepare bigger aquarium: 75 gallons per mandarin fish.

Of course, the size will be doubled if the owner is planning to have community tank.

  • Mandarin Goby Tank Mates

Just like the other male fish species, the male mandarin goby cannot get along well with the another male.

Unless the tank is big enough to provide each male specific territory, it is suggested to raise one mandarin goby in the tank.

How to differentiate them? Take a look at the spine.

The male mandarin usually has long and flowing spine, while the female shows shorter spine.

In addition to the male fish from similar species, the mandarin goby fish has no tolerance to the other fishes from similar group.

Some owners try to put scooter dragonet and mandarin goby. They fight right after noticing each other.

The safest combination would be the male and female mandarin goby or any other fish that share similar diet.

  • Mandarin Goby Diet

This is probably the most challenging part of the day. Remember that the mandarin goby fish cannot adapt with the frozen or prepared food like pellet or flakes.

The option is only limited to the copepods. In the wild, this marine fish is a scavenger on the coral area.

The best way to copy this condition is by providing a tank full of copepods.

This tiny creature feeds mostly on food waste or feces.

When the copepods supply is low, the easiest way to meet the goby’s appetite is by throwing live brine shrimp.

Mandarin Goby Care and Disease

In the beginning, the fish owner might think that the goby fish is quite easy to care. In fact, this is one of the hardest pet fish to raise.

Mostly, it is because the feeding demand. There is no end of its crustaceans craving, thus the owners should pay close attention to the copepods supply.

Otherwise, it might get sick easily.

  • The Feed Cheat

The fish owners might miss the price of live brine shrimp or the pod feeder at first.

In the end, the bill might be surprising and too hard to follow. It would be better if the fish could feed on the frozen food.

Actually, there is a way to make the fish get used to the alternative food.

First of all, start with the pure live brine shrimp. After several days, try to mix frozen artemia with the live one.

Make sure the frozen one is mixed well. Pay attention to the fish while feeding them.

When the fish is eating the mixture happily, slowly increase the mix ratio of live brine shrimp with the frozen one.

  • Mandarin Goby Diseases

Actually, this fish species is very healthy. In the other words, there is no specific disease that might attack it.

There are only two diseases that once become the problem; ammonia poisoning and oxygen starvation.

The first condition appears when the tank is rarely cleaned.

As long as the owner clean the food waste and fish feces regularly, the pet will be okay.

The last disease happens when the temperature in the tank raised. It is easily noticed, as the fish will be gasping for air in the surface.

Images for Mandarin Goby

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Photo Image Mandarin Goby TypesRead the other color too:


Many pet owners, especially the newbies, think that all marine pet fish will share similar care sheet.

However, the difference is also there. It might be small but means a lot for the fish’s health.

Read once again the information about Mandarin Goby before raising one.

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