Bumblebee Goby, FishTankWeb.Com – How could someone be a good caretaker of the fish if he doesn’t master the Bumblebee Goby information?

That would be quite impossible task to do. Among the other freshwater fish, this species is quite hard to care for.

However, many hobbyists still want them for their peaceful nature and unique color.

Bumblebee Goby Facts

The Bumblebee Goby gets its name exactly for its bee-like appearance: yellow and black stripes.

More than how it looks, there are several basic facts that every care taker should learn.

  • Bumblebee Goby Habitat

For a care taker, learning about the natural habitat of the fish could give a lot of help in providing the proper treatment as well as understanding its behavior.

The bumblebee goby is commonly found in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia water.

Although they mostly live around the river area, there are a lot of hiding places around them.

It is used as a shelter when they sense danger or need cool shadow.

Most people always think that this species need pure freshwater. In fact, the tank water should be slightly brackish.

  • Bumblebee Goby Size and Appearance

The Bumblebee Gobies are quite small even for the adult ones.

They grow up to three to four centimeters or 1.2 to 1.6 inches only. As mentioned, their name is derived from the popular character bumblebee.

Actually, all member of genus Brachygobius looks similar. It would be a very difficult job to tell the difference between the species.

However, the tank owner is still able to sex the fish pet.

Male bumblebee goby is slender compared to the female fish. Also, its black and yellow colors are brighter.

  • Bumblebee Goby Behavior

Many hobbyist fall in love for its calm manner. Furthermore, this stripped fish still keeps its trump card.

It has quite interesting behavior when put in the tank. At the first days, it might hide under the plant, observing its new home.

Once it gets familiar to its new playground, the bumblebee fish will show up and explore the surroundings.

The tank owner might also notice how it loves to chase each other.

Don’t worry, this activity is normal and rarely cause any permanent injury.

Bumblebee Goby Diet, Tank Mates and Tank Size

Until now, the tank owner might be skeptical about the high difficulty care mentioned by the sellers and several experts.

Probably they need to learn deeper about the diet and tank requirement of the tricky tiny fish.

  • Bumblebee Goby Feeding

This is probably the most worrying part in the care sheet.

Keep in mind that feeding the bumblebee fish is not an easy job. They are picky eater with a huge carnivore appetite.

Thus, it is not safe to give them any processed and factory made food.

Some experienced owners share their experiences of being rejected after feeding the flakes and pellets for the bottom-dwellers fish.

Only when frozen and live food thrown into the tank, they could enjoy their meal happily.

For this reason, it is suggested for the tank owner to have another tank to raise either brine shrimp or grindal worm culture.

  • Bumblebee Goby Tank Mates And Requirement

Small fish isn’t equal to tiny aquarium, at least for this species. It is an explorer and territorial fish, so the owner should have at least ten gallon tank.

This size should be multiplied if there will be additional tank members.

Don’t forget to install thermometer and make sure it stops on 23 to 30 degree celcius or 73 to 85 Farenheit.

Also, keep the water Ph in seven to eight, while the hardness roam between 12 to 18 dH.

It is not suggested to put many bumblebees at once.

Considering their aggressive behavior, this action will make them stressed and hurt each other.

For ten gallons tank, a pair of bumblebee fish is enough. Don’t forget to provide sand on the bottom tank, as the species loves to bury itself under it.

If possible, put live plants, river rocks and driftwood as well. It will help them to adapt faster to the tank environment.

Bumblebee Goby Care and Disease

Another thing for the owners to know is the detailed care and also the fish disease.

No care taker wants to lose the fish pet early because of the sloppy treatment.

  • Bumblebee Goby Tank Care

There is no difference from the usual care tank. The owner is expected to clean the tank regularly at least once a week.

Remember not to change all the water at once. Absorb the waste in the bottom.

It takes approximately 20% of the water tank. Replace the missing water.

Don’t forget to set the temperature and water hardness to the normal setting.

If the plant used in the tank is the live one, then don’t forget to check the shape.

It is not because the bumblebee fish nip at the plant, but because of the aggressive swimming.

  • Bumblebee Goby Diseases

There are a lot of diseases that can attack the fish. For the stripped fish, the biggest threat comes from the feeding.

Since the food should be the live one, some owners might think that purchasing would be more practical.

Therefore, there might be some hygiene issue. It is suggested to change the water with the fresh one and rinse it slightly.

Without proper rinsing like this, parasites might stay inside the worm. Later on, this parasite would live on the fish body.

The disease is called “ich” and seen clearly as white foam or string.

Luckily, this condition could be treated in no time with copper ingredients.

If the tank is not clean, the fish might get bacterial disease as well. Take a look at the fish body.

If there is a red spot on the skin, then this specific fish should be replaced immediately to the separated tank.

Images for Bumblebee Goby

Photo Image Bumblebee Goby Aquarium Care

Photo Image Bumblebee Goby Baby 1 Month

Photo Image Bumblebee Goby Breeding

Photo Image Bumblebee Goby Care

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Photo Image Bumblebee Goby Diet Food Feeding

Photo Image Bumblebee Goby Diet

Photo Image Bumblebee Goby Freshwater Fish

Photo Image Bumblebee Goby Habitat

Photo Image Bumblebee Goby Lifespan

Photo Image Bumblebee Goby Size

Photo Image Bumblebee Goby Tank Setup

Photo Image Bumblebee Goby Tank SizeSee another goby types below:


The yellow and black color would be the eye feast in the freshwater tank.

Don’t be happy yet. The owner has to check the Bumblebee Goby care sheet presented above, especially he who raises the strip fish for the first time.

Good luck!

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