Diamond Goby, FishTankWeb.Com – From all types of Goby fish that you may have ever known, it is safe to say that Diamond Goby is the type that you commonly see.

Although this type of Goby fish has several names like Orange Dashed Goby, Orange Spotted Sleeper Goby or Maiden Goby, many fish lovers commonly call it Diamond Watchman Goby.

However, there are some important facts about this type Goby fish that you need to. So, here are the facts.

Diamond Goby Facts

The original name of the diamond watchman goby fish is Valenciennea Puellaris.

Basically, the Diamond Watchman Goby is one type of Goby fish that can comb sand bed and rocks for food.

This type of Goby fish tends to being active and brings lots of action. In some occasion, Diamond Watchman Goby fish can create chaos to old or new tanks alike.

This type of Goby fish is categorized as protogynous fish. It makes them able to change their gender when needed easily.

It makes them different than any other types of Goby fish. However, they can be a bit finicky when they change into their actual gender.

To minimize that kind of situation, purchase a second or probably much smaller Diamond Watchman Goby than the original one to make the pairing more likely to happen.

The difference in large size will effectively help them to establish the dominance easily and also help them to form the pairing.

That is why it is very unlikely they will pair in the future if you put two similar sized Diamond Watchman Gobies.

Although they both are Diamond types, the similarity in size makes the pairing is unlikely.

If you can make the pair, your next job is just to keep those two Gobies happy and make sure that they live in a comfortable environment.

Diamond Goby Breeds

If you expect them to spawn, just feed them consistently with the scheduling and provide a normal lighting with a proper burrow.

It is because Diamond Gobies are not live spawners fish.

They will generally leave their eggs in the burrow with any clutches.

In this case, your choices are whether you remove the eggs carefully then incubate it separately or just left it in the tank.

Basically, a fry can easily hatch in the tank without any special treatment. However, they can also be targets of any other fish in the tank.

For that reason, investing in an incubation tank can be the best solution in the purpose of breeding.

Diamond Goby Tank Size

The guide care above will be much easier if you have decided the right tank for your Diamond Watchman Gobies.

Ideally, any Diamond Watchman Gobies will live comfortably in a tank with the capacity of 55 gallons or equal with 208 liters of water.

Adding a live sand bed is a must since this type of Goby fish like to build their burrows near the live rock in the added sand bed.

Diamond Watchman Gobies will naturally clean out the sand bed by removing any beneficial bacteria, micro fauna and copepods that are probably needed in the tank.

In other words, Diamond Watchman Gobies are the best type of paired fish when they live in a strong sump or refugium.

When you put any pairing that is not as good as them, your tank may rapidly fall and becomes the victim of the old tank syndrome.

It is a condition when your tank can no longer filter out any nitrates produced in the tank.

Since Diamond Watchman Gobies are classified as one of the most active sand sifters, you have to always ensure that any rock structures in the tank are secured in proper place.

It is because they will like to any constantly digging activity that can surely move the rocks.

As the solution, you can bury the rocks in the sand and make the base of the rock placed on the very bottom of the tank.

Diamond Goby Tank Mates

Talking about tank mates, you may feel lucky since Diamond Watchman Goby can do just well with most of fish tank mates and any invertebrates like clams or snails.

This type of Goby fish can become territorial when being paired with any similar sand sifters because they are peaceful and will not harm any other fish tank mates.

However, putting them together with any large fish such as triggers or lionfish is not suggested since they can view the Gobies as food.

Avoid putting any tank mates with any types of fish that are highly aggressive and much larger than the Diamond Watchman Gobies themselves.

Diamond Goby Feeding Diet

Generally, Diamond Watchman Gobies like to sift sand through its mouth then filter out any small bits of food.

In the wild sea, it is not a big deal and this is what they like to do since sand beds are endless there.

It is a different case in the home aquarium since they can and will surely run out of food. There are some cases when a fish can be a picky eater and will not eat anything.

If it happens to your Diamond Watchman Gobies, you can feed them de-shelled and frozen table shrimp.

Simply grate the shrimp and your Gobies are willing to eat. Do not be worry if they miss their food, sooner or later they will find it in the sand bed.

It is also recommended to vary their diet by feeding them two times a day at the minimum.

Diamond Goby Diseases

Another fact that makes Diamond Watchman Goby special is they are considered as very hard fish and also disease resistant.

However, it is always better to prevent something bad before it happens.

It will be better to make routine schedule to quarantine your Diamond Watchman Goby.

Do not risk your main tank by only believing that Gobies are disease resistant.

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Overall, Goby is one type of fish that will not make you provide any complicated things and stuff.

In fact, this type of fish is easy to be taken care of and also can be friends to other types of fish tank mates.

No wonder if there are many fish lovers who like to have Diamond Goby.

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