Engineer Goby, FishTankWeb.Com – All fish lovers will agree if Engineer Goby is labeled special.

Compared to other types of Goby fish, it is safe to say that Engineer Goby looks different than the rest of Goby Fish.

But do you know that actually they are not Gobies at all?

So, what are they and why people still call them Engineer Goby? Find the answers in this review.

Engineer Goby Facts

Scientic Name

As it was mentioned before, Engineer Goby is actually not categorized as Goby.

They are actually a member of Pholidichthydae family, which exhibit a mixture of jaw fish natures and eel.

The original name of Engineer Goby is Pholidychtys luecotaenia.

However, for some reasons people still call and label them as a part of Goby fish.

Therefore, there are also many other names that are known by all fish lovers to identify this species, such as Pacific Neon Goby, Convict Worm Goby or Convict Worm Blenny.

The last name came up for a reason.

It is because Engineer Gobies feature a long skinny body with many variations of body marks through different periods of their life.

Characteristic Feature

Generally, Engineer Gobies are black-colored and have a white horizontal stripe in their body.

The name Engineer also came up for a reason.

It is because this type of Goby fish likes to build burrows by digging in the sand bed, even when they have established their home.

Engineer Gobies are usually searching for foods or hiding under the rocks when they are not digging.

This type of Goby fish likes to create their own burrows in the sand bed, just like any other similar species.

In some occasion, the burrows can be shared for any symbiotic relationship with species like shrimp.

Therefore, it is suggested for the owner to fill the tank with tightly sealed lid, a sandy substrate an plenty live rocks in preventing any escapes.

Engineer Goby Tank

Tank Size

An ideal tank for your Engineer Gobies will keep them happy and live conveniently.

Basically, any Engineer Gobies can live conveniently in a tank with the capacity of 55 gallons or equal with 208 liters of water.

If you cannot afford to provide any tank with that capacity, the minimum tank size for this type of Goby is 15 gallons.

Tank Setup

However, you will find it difficult to understand how much your Engineer Gobies can dig.

Therefore, you can always expect rocks to frequent to be toppled when the tank cannot deal with that kind of situation.

You will also need to place the rocks all the way on the bottom of the tank to deal with it.

Make sure that the largest side of the rocks or the more stable side is placed against the bare glass.

The rocks can be used to avoid any avalanches, too.

Furthermore, the frequent burrows that require lots of sand displacement will easily burrow low placed corals.

You can also attach corals to rocks by simply burying the bottom of the rocks at the bottom of the tank to avoid any specific corals issue.

That burying will create a pedestal like surface to keep the corals from being buried under the sand and being toppled over it.

The corals can still be able to be covered despite its difficulty to miss the sand dune by some large spaces.

You can easily find the corals when you see this kind of situation rather than sifting tough sand like what Diamond Watchman Gobies like to do.

Engineer Goby Tank Mates

When it comes to home aquarium, Engineer Gobies tend to be more peaceful despite their large size.

However, they can also easily eat any other or random fish that fit into their mouth.

Hence, it will be better to place them with one or more Engineer Gobies as the tank mates at the same time despite their level of maturity will require much more spaces and will frequently keep each of them individualistic.

Actually, Engineer Gobies are not inherently aggressive, but as they get mature, they will also get more aggressive.

This character is a combination between their large size and the creation of multiple burrows.

Usually, it can cause any issues when you plan to add new fish. Even so, Engineer Gobies are still social fish that enjoy live in groups or pairs.

Engineer Goby Diet and Feeding

Similar to any other types of Goby fish, Engineer Gobies are definitely easy to feed and are willing to eat almost any food you offer to them.

This type of Goby fish are categorized as carnivores, so you can take a look to mostly meaty diet menu.

However, you can also sneak in any extra greens to increase their health. They still eat the food.

Overall, Engineer Gobies respond pretty well to both small and large foods.

Unlike eels, this kind of Goby fish have fairly better eye sight and will constantly eat out everything you throw to the water column easily.

When it comes to feeding time, Engineer Gobies like to adapt a jaw fish behavior; swimming out from their burrows than grab a piece of food before going back to home.

This behavior will go on for some times until they have had their fill.

Engineer Goby Diseases

Just like the any other types of Goby fish, Engineer Goby is considered as hardy fish that are strong enough to for disease.

Even if you compare them to any other types outside Goby fish, they are still categorized as the type of fish that mostly disease resistant.

Nevertheless, it is still better to do some prevention before something unwanted occurs.

It is better to make routine schedule to quarantine your Engineer Gobies.

Do not risk your tank by only believing that they are disease resistant.

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Without any doubt, Goby is the type of fish that will make you provide any stuff for your fish with ease.

In fact, this type of fish is actually is not inherently or naturally a Goby.

After all, having Engineer Goby fish in your tank will not force you to deal with any complicated stuff for fish.

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