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Because they are going to raise it and learning about the details before hand will be a great help.

Raising a fish pet is not only about admiring the unique shape and exotic color, after all.

Yellow Watchman Goby Diet

The yellow watchman goby actually belongs to gobiidae family.

For the owners information, this family has the biggest family members of marine creatures.

In its scientific name, the biologists will mention it as Cryptocentrus cinctus.

In the wild, the small but colorful species are found on the south part of Japan up ti the Yaeyama island.

It could be spotted also in Palau and Truck, the islands in Micronesia.

Within this area, the hobbyists have to dive a little bit deeper as the tiny fish loves to swim in the bottom.

No matter how much this pet eat, the maximum size for adults is only four inches.

This is why the watchman goby is the perfect candidate for smaller gallon.

If the owner pay close attention to the physical traits, this unique fish has unique body shape that resemble a torpedo.

There are two dorsal fins with their own distinct features and rounded caudal fin.

The other lookis not too far from the other goby species: high and bulbous eyes and frowning mouth that cover more than it should.

  • Feeding Tips

Unlike the other types of hardy fish, the watchman goby is quite difficult to feed on. Why?

It is because they are picky eater. Even though they are carnivore, it doesn’t mean they would fight over the brine shrimp the owner throw at them.

Moreover, they might not get the chance to eat if the tank mates are food scavenger.

In order to provide proper nutrition, make sure to minced the meaty food.

The small marine creature could only eat something tinier. This food should be provided at least twice a day.

In a community tank, the owner could provide the food in its hideout, just in case the other mates have a feast and left nothing for them to eat.

It is also suggested to vary the menu with fresh mysid shrimp or enriched brine shrimp.

Yellow Watchman Goby Tank Size
p>While choosing the tank for this yellow watchman goby, make sure to pick the 20 gallons one.

It is the least size the owner should provide. However, many hobbyist prefer to provide bigger tank, for example the 30 gallons one.

Why is it so? It is because the decoration setup takes quite a lot of space.

With 20 gallons, the small goby might only end up with half space to swim around.

Any size bigger than 30 gallons is not recommended, unless the owner plans to have community tank.

As for the tank decoration, there must be a lot of rocks, sand bed and hiding places. Don’t forget that this species love to jump.

Thus, a glass top is a must have item. Live plants is another important set up to put.

Since the watchman goby comes from marine area, it is okay to provide reef in the tank.

Many hobbyists claim that this tiny pet causes no harm to the reef.

For the temperature, make sure it clings around 75 to 78 degree Farenheit.

These fishes might be able to survive in colder temperature, but not for long.

Yellow Watchman Goby Tank Mates

Keep in mind about the size of the fish. It would be a daylight snack for any bigger carnivore fish.

The safest pair is a male and a female yellow watchman goby.

The owner should only consider this pair for the minimum tank size (the 20 and 30 gallons).

Although it is labeled as the peaceful fish, watchman goby is quite aggressive towards the other gobies.

The safest tank mate is pistol shrimp. In the wild, they share unique symbiosis.

The pistol shrimp has limited eyesight, so the watchman goby will warn them of the presence of any larger predators.

In return, the shrimp will allow the small goby to hide together inside the shrimp’s house.

If the owner has any other alternatives in mind, make sure it shares similar diet and not the greedy types.

Otherwise, the poor goby might not be able to eat.

Yellow Watchman Goby Care and Disease

en the owner first bought the fish from the store, it is important to prepare the pet to live in the tank.

This step includes quarantine as disease pre-caution.

Many newbie owners lost their goby within days because the fish is sick even before they swim in the tank.

Sadly, the owners miss the sign.

A quarantine tank’s purpose is to stabilize the fish’s metabolism as well as rinsing it from the possible disease.

Make sure the newly bought goby has been kept for two weeks before entering the tank.

If there is any sign of disease, treat them properly first.

  • Yellow Watchman Goby Disease


    It is not difficult to see the disease sign on yellow watchman goby.

    The first one is the tiny pet stop eating the prepared food.

    The species is known as slow eater, but it doesn’t mean that the fish refuse to touch the food.

    If the pet does this, then probably it is sick.

    • Yellow Watchman Goby Water Poisoning

      While it might not look like it, but the watchman goby is quite sensitive to dirty water.

      The sign shown is swimming in a spiral direction. In short, it appears as a drunk fish.

      Check the water parameters and try to neutralize it.

      • Yellow Watchman Goby Torn Fin

        This case happens mostly on community tank.

        Since the watchman goby is small, the other larger mates tend to chase and nip on its fin.

        The owner is suggested to take the fish out from the big tank.

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        Photo Image Yellow Watchman Goby Tank SizeDont miss to read:


        ion to the easy care, the tank owner could watch amusing performance, as yellow watchman loves to move around the aquarium.

        This joy could be the owners’ for at least three years, if they could do what are listed in the Yellow Watchman Goby care sheet.

        source: fshlore¹, homeaquaria²

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