Dragon Fish Goby, FishTankWeb.Com – As one of the types of Goby fish family, Dragon Fish Goby is the one type that has majestic appearance compared to other Goby types.

Although there are also many other names for this type of Goby fish, most of fish owners, especially those who like to own Goby choose to call them Dragon Fish for some reasons.

What are the reasons? Find them in this review.

Dragon Fish Goby Facts

Dragon Fish Goby Scientic Name

The scientific name of Dragon Fish Goby is Gobioides Broussonnetii.

In fact, all fish lovers like to call this type of fish in many names; Peruvian Goby, Dragon Goby, Violet Goby or Eel Goby.

Some of those names are also used among Arowana fish.

In the Gulf of Mexico and around Florida, Dragon Fish Gobies prefer to live in brackish water and are native to the swamp waters.

Although they are not categorized as eel, the Dragon Fish Gobies have a long and slender body that really resembles an eel.

That is why some fish lovers also call them Eel Goby.

What makes them different with eel is a silvery gold iridescence that they have on their skin.

In the wild area, Dragon Fish Gobies can reach the length over two feet.

This kind of Goby fish has ventral fins which make them able to cling to the walls of the tank.

The dorsal fins on their body grow up to almost the entire length of their body.


Dragon Fish Goby Characteristic

Basically, Dragon Fish Gobies are categorized as carnivores.

Ironically, most of fish lovers mistakenly considered Dragon Fish Gobies as aggressive fish despite the fact that they are actually the ones that get bullied.

In fact, this type of Goby fish is nowhere near to aggressive.

They will prefer to hide under plants, behind rocks or sometimes hide in the sand.

Dragon Fish Gobies have very sharp teeth.

However, instead of using their teeth to fight other fish, Dragon Fish Gobies like to use their teeth to brush algae off the rocks in their habitat.

That is the reason why Dragon Fish Gobies are actually not aggressive despite the fact that their body looks like an actual dragon generally.

This kind of Goby fish are also categorized as scavengers.

They will frequently swallow up substrate in large amount then sift through it to turn them to edible material.

After that, they spit out the substrate then eat the food. Their large gills make them able to expel and filter sand.


Dragon Fish Goby Tank


Tank Setup

As it was mentioned before, Dragon Fish Gobies is a type of fish that likes to live in brackish water.

In case you do not really understand about brackish water, it is actually fresh water with a bit salt on it.

This kind of water is often found at the rivers that lead to the sea.

Since Dragon Fish Gobies will and surely grow pretty large, you need to prepare a tank with the size at least 25 gallons for per Dragon Fish Goby.

So you can predict how large the tank you are going to need when you plan to have two or more Dragon Gobies.

Since Dragon Fish Gobies can grow up to 24 inches long, make sure that the tank is at least 4 feet length to provide proper space for the Gobies.

Adding aragonite substrate and adequate filtering is recommended as this kind of Goby fish requires very clean water.

Since they also require stable temperature, investing a heater is also recommended.

Change the water weekly to keep your Dragon Gobies happy and healthy.

Although they can live in both colder or warmer water in short periods of time, always set the temperature around 26,5 degree Celsius.

Avoid keeping them in inadequate conditions to prevent them from catching some common Dragon Gobies diseases.


Dragon Fish Goby Tank Mates

Since Dragon Gobies are mistakenly considered as aggressive fish, they should not be in the same tank with aggressive fish such as Tiger Barbs or Oscars.

If so, they will only end up as the victim of fish bullying.

Therefore, it will be better to keep them with non aggressive and smaller fish.

Be wise in choosing the tank mates since very small fish may end up as the food for Dragon Gobies.

The next important thing that you need to need is Dragon Gobies have very small eyes and the eyes are almost blind.

Since their eyes make them difficult to compete with other fish in eating food, Dragon Gobies usually find their food using their sense of smell.

Therefore, be wise in choosing the mates.

Fish like Nerite snails, Amano shrimp or Ghost shrimp are the best types of fish you can go for the Dragon Gobies tank mates.


Dragon Fish Goby Diet



In the wild area, Dragon Gobies tend to be scavengers by sifting through sand to find any algae or other small organisms.

While in the tank, they will take blood worms, tubilex and frozen black as their food along with sinking shrimp pellets.

Since they have very small throats, make sure that you give them very small food too.

Flake food or algae wafers can also be the menu.


Feeding Tips

When you put Dragon Gobies into their new home, take note that they may not eat any food you give to them for the first one or two days.

Fed them once a day for at least two minutes once they have acclimated in their new home.

Dragon Gobies like to be active at night because they are nocturnal and shy.

Therefore, feed them during the day to make sure that they eat the food.


Dragon Fish Goby Diseases

Unlike any other Goby fish types that are disease resistant, Dragon Gobies can be susceptible to some illnesses despite the fact that they are hardy animals.

In some occasions, Dragon Gobies can be affected by some bacterial infections such as Columnaris; a disease that infect their fins.

Keep their tank clean and change the water regularly to prevent them from any illnesses.


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Compared to any other Goby fish types, it is fair to say that Dragon Gobies have the most proper body among any other Gobies.

However, their body does not make them resistant to diseases.

Therefore, the fish owners have to be careful in maintaining their Dragon Fish Goby.

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