Firefish Goby, FishTankWeb.Com – Keep in mind that learning about Firefish Goby is part of the obligation of the tank owner.

Many hobbyists love this species for its elegant and attractive colors.

Its nano size makes the firefish goby a perfect member of smaller tank.

Then, how to raise it properly?

Firefish Goby Facts

Among hobbyist and biologists, the firefish goby is referred as Nemateleotris magnifica.

While in the market, there are a lot of commercial nick names for the tiny species. Some of them are Fire Goby, Magnificent or even Fire Dartfish.

In the wild, this species could be found roaming around the water in Africa, Coral Sea, Indonesia, Maldives and Indo Pacific.

Once everyone sees it, they will understand why firefish goby becomes the favorites among hobbyists.

The maximum length of this fish is only three inches, which make it one of the best option for small tank.

In addition, the color is spectacular. Just like how people call it, the fish has yellowish head, white area behind the head and pinkish to orange lower half body.

The fins usually are black.

Firefish Goby Food

Keep in mind that firefish goby is an omnivore. Therefore, the best bet any tank owner could try is combining the meaty feeding with algae based.

While purchasing the pack, don’t forget to double check the compatibility to marine species.

It is also good to vary the menu with live food such as mysis shrimp or finely chopped seafoods.

Aside from the prepared food, firefish goby might also eat plankton, pods, or even larvae inside the tank.

The fish might seem to eat water as they swim. This is how they enjoy the zooplankton.

Firefly goby is not a greedy eater, they prefer to take their time while eating.

In a community tank, it is suggested to check whether the tiny pet has got the chance to eat.

There might be some cases when the firefish goby refuses to eat. In this case, try to check the water temperature.

If it is toxic, change the water immediately. This should bring back the appetite.

Should the marine fish keeps refusing the food, try different kind of feeding until it finds its favorite food.

Firefish Goby Tank

While discussing about the tank requirement for firefish goby, then the fish owner should refer to its natural habitat.

In the wild, the exotic marine species is often swimming around coral reef, so it would be great if the tank is equipped with reef.

Don’t worry about the damage.

Firefish goby is well-known as the friendly species for reef tank.

In addition to the reef, the tank should also provide a lot of hideouts. It includes the sand base on the bottom of the tank.

Whenever the goby fish is under threat, it immediately bury itself under the sand. The minimum size suggested is 20 gallons.

If the tank owner prefers to have one firefish goby only, then the 10 gallons one is enough.

Like the other marine tank, firefish goby needs moderate current. Keep the temperature around 72 to 78 degree Farenheit.

Don’t forget that this species is a great jumper, especially when it is so stressed with its environment.

Therefore, put a solid glass lid on top of the tank to prevent the death jumping.

Firefish Goby Mates

In general, the member of goby family has no intention to attack the other member of the tank.

Therefore, it is safe to let the fish live in the community tank.

Even though firefish goby will not bother the other fish species, this little marine pet is quite aggressive to the fish from the same species.

Firefish goby might swim around in a group in the ocean, but it is better to keep only a pair inside the tank.

How to differentiate male and female fish? The easiest way would be putting them together in a tank.

They will naturally pair after several days. Large number of the fish will require bigger tank, too.

Firefish Goby Care

To provide a proper care for the firefish, the first rule is to keep the tank clean. Make sure to change the water at least once a week.

Avoid to replace the whole tank water. Use pipe to throw away any food waste in the bottom of the tank.

Then, add fresh water to fill up the tank.

Another requirement to take care of the marine fish is quarantine tank. It is helpful to clean the firefish goby that has just bought.

The water condition in the store rarely meets the minimum standard, thus promoting many bacteria and parasites disease.

Let the new comers stay under quarantine for at least two weeks.

The second tank will be handy to treat the sick fish as well.

Firefish Goby Diseases

The most common illness for firefish goby is saltwater ich. It appears as white dots or line on the fish’s body. This ich has several life cycle.

Before the cycle ends, it won’t leave the host alone. Even after thousand of new ich released to the water, the fish is not safe.

Any of them might come back and stick itself to the fish.

To treat this condition, many hobbyists usually use copper sulphate, formaldahyde and malachite green.

Add these three substances to the quarantine tank. The ich should be gone after several days. Without proper treatment, the bacteria will slowly kill the fish.

Another disease any tank owner should worry is dropsy. It is a bacterial disease that makes the fish looks bloated.

In this case, put the infected fish in quarantine tank and sprinkle the penicilin based drug. Several recommended drugs are sulfa, gentamycin sulfate or tetracycline.

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There are a lot tank owners misunderstand the term “hardy fish”.

It is correct that those aquarium pets will require minimum care. However, somehow people assume that the fish cannot be sick.

While in fact, how well the owner takes care of the tank plays important role.

To perform the proper care and treatment, refer to the Firefish Goby care sheet above.

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