Neon Goby, FishTankWeb.Com – The importance of learning about Neon Goby information is not only for the tank owner, but also for the caretaker.

Why is it so? Both individuals have equal responsibility to keep the neon goby alive and healthy.

Thus, creating a simple care sheet would be helpful and practical as well.

Neon Goby Facts

In order to deliver neon goby on the tank owner, the hunters have to go to western central atlantic sea.

To be exact, this is the coral reef area of Florida and USA.

There is no need to dive too deep, as the neon goby occupies shallow water; 1 to 40 meter depth.

The tank owner might find it interesting that the vulnerable fish could live side to side with the predators.

The function of this fish is to clean bigger fish. It feeds on the small parasites on the fish’s body.

For this function, many species leave the neon goby to do their job.

Neon goby is a slim fish, with black colors on the whole body. As the mark, there are two blue stripes on the body that highlights the white belly.

Thanks to the features, this little marine fish could be easily spotted.

Neon Goby Diet

In a small tank setting, it might be quite difficult to mimic the live under the sea.

How could a tank keep big predators to raise? It is possible only for limited house only.

Even within a community tank, the parasite consumed might not be enough.

Actually, the goby is a carnivorous fish. It enjoys meaty treat.

However, there should be no problem for them to eat pellet and ready-prepared food. No need to worry.

None of these products will ruin the neon goby health.

Don’t forget to consider the size of the fish’s mouth while preparing the food. While preparing the live food, make sure to chop the items into smaller pieces.

In the community tank, don’t rely on the parasites on the other tank mates only. It will slowly cause malnutrition.

Give more nutrients through food supplement such as flakes, tablets or frozen foods.

Neon Goby Tank Size

Each hobbyist has different preference for the tank size for the neon goby.

Some of them argue that nano tank is enough for a single neon goby. For the standard size, it should be at least ten gallon.

The tank owner that is going to breed the pair must provide the 20 gallon tank.

If the fish is purchased as the addition to community tank, then the gallon would be bigger than 50 gallon.

An adult neon goby could grow up to two inches or five cm. No matter in the wild or in the tank, the marine fish prefer to swim in the middle of the tank.

Set the temperature to 22 to 26 degree celcius. The maximum temperature that could be tolerated is 27 degree celcius.

For the decoration, make sure to provide rocky corals for neon goby to hide

Neon Goby Tank Mates

First of all, it is not suggested to mix the predator fish with the neon goby. Why? The tiny species will be treated as food instead of tank mate.

Moreover, the neon will have less space to escape. For a community tank, it is suggested to pick small to medium size fish.

The tank owner could throw in up to thirty neon goby in a huge tank.

In a medium tank, a pair is more than enough. More than a pair and they will soon fight each other.

Goby family cannot get along with the other goby. They will take time to familiarize themselves with the surrounding, but soon become the most active member of the tank.

Many hobbyists mention how this small fish claim their “cleaning area”. This is the spot where they hang out the most.

The bigger species will notice the area and spread their fins and tilted their heads to ask for a cleaning service.

Neon Goby Care

The basic care for neon goby is generally similar to the other marine tanks.

It is very important to take out 20% of the water volume from the tank and replace it with fresh water.

For those tank owners who wants to do more frequent cleaning, then the option is to throw away 10% of the water tank every two weeks.

Of course, there will be an exception for the tank with ammonia or nitrate presence. Once the dangerous substance is detected, immediate action must be taken.

Change the whole tank with fresh water. Since the tank should have stable temperature, don’t forget to install heater and chiller.

It would be handy for summer and winter season.

Neon Goby Disease

Neon goby fish belong to hardy fish category for a good reason. It is quite resistant to any kind of disease.

Even so, learning about the common disease that might attack the tiny marine pet would be beneficial.


It is uncommon for goby fish to have slime covering its body. If the tank owner notices this condition, then it is an early warning for a serious treatment.

This disease attacks general marine population, although mostly happen to clownfish.

To treat this condition, it is suggested to mix formalin and malachite green to the quarantine tank. Make sure to read the dosage first.

Film on The Eyes

It is one of the diseases caused by bacteria that floats in the water. It shows early sign with a thin layer of white cover on either one or both eyes.

Separate the fish from the other tank members.

The quarantine tank should have kanamycin sulfate or gentamycin sulfate mixed in the water.

Head Erosion

This is probably the scariest disease to notice. Why? The tank owner will literally see how part of the fish’s head deteriorates and slowly disappear.

The cause of this severe illness is lack of nutrition.

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The social neon goby brings a refreshing view to the tank. It makes a great community fish without any threat to the other tank member.

Neon goby is also hardy fish that require minimum care only.

As long as they raise the Neon Goby properly, there should be no problem.

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