Discus Fish Tank Size, FishTankWeb.Com – Why the tank owners should know about the details about discus fish tank size first?

It is because the species live partly depend on the size. Purchasing the correct tank size is a good start.

As for the discus care, there are several more details to learn, especially about the tank requirement.

Discus Fish Facts

The tank keepers need to know that discus is another difficult fish to raise.

It calls for perfect temperature and extra cleanliness, as slight dirty water will affect its health.

This condition applies not only for one, but all discus species.

  • Discus Size and Shape

If the tank owner wants to know the real size of discuss, then look at the adult ones.

In the fish market, the discus kept in the tank is usually the babies. When shipped for sale, these little fish is just three months old.

At that time, the size is so small, only 2½ inch per fish. However, it only takes three to four months for them to reach the maximum size.

Adult discus could reach up to 20 until 25 cm.

Discus is said to have disc-shaped body. Thanks to the flat body, many aquarists find it similar to the disc.

This is how the term “disc-shaped” body occur.

  • Discus Lifespan

Since discus is not an easy species to care, its life span depends on how well the tank owner learn about the raising information.

If it falls to the hand of careless owners, then it might die within days or weeks.

If the discus fish meets the keeper who could maintain the high standard, it could live up to ten years in the captive.

  • Discus Type

Nowadays, there are many types of discus available in the market. They are the results of mix breed.

Basically, there are two discus type only: the blue diamond and the checkerboard. As expected, the first variant is popular for its vibrant blue color.

The one with solid and shiny color usually has higher prices.

Why is it so? The breeders have to go through selective breeding before the perfect blue diamond appears.

The checkerboard has catchy pattern on its body. The most common colors are white, red or turquoise.

Since the patterns looks like the chess board, the fish experts give checkerboard name to it.

The location, thickness and boldness of the pattern are determined by the quality of diet and stress level.

For a healthy checkerboard discus with clear lines and perfect circular body shape, many hobbyists are willing to pay more.

Discus Tank Design and Requirement

To help discus adapt to the new tank quickly, the fish owners should be able to mimic the natural habitat setting as close as possible.

It includes the setting and the water temperature as well.

Make sure to include all and not skipping any of the requirement mentioned.

  • Discus Fish Tank Aquarium

Discus loves to swim in between the water plants. Make sure to combine the long stem plants and the lower foreground ones.

One of the safest example is driftwood plant, which could make the setting prettier and balancing the water softness.

It is also good to install CO2 injection in the tank. This equipment will decrease the Ph to 6.8.

It might be too low for some other fish, but this number is a perfect setting for discus fish.

Some hobbyists argue that the best way to keep discus is in an empty tank without any base at all.

In this setting, the tank owners could clean the tank easily, thus ensuring the water quality at its best.

Although it is practically correct, the tank will look bland and not pretty.

  • Discus Fish Tank Size Requirement

It is important for tank owners to check the tank requirements before putting the discus into it. Make sure the temperature is around 28 to 31 degree Celcius.

Note that the warm temperature lowers the oxygen level in the water, thus reducing the possible number of discus in the tank.

For the Ph, it should be around 6 and 7, but the perfect setting would be 6.5. If the Ph goes higher than 7, the discus will be stressed.

Keep in mind that discus is highly sensitive to ammonia and nitrite. Therefore, do double checking to ensure that there is no nitrite or ammonia in the tank.

How to maintain this condition daily? The answer is by removing the food waste as soon as possible and performing weekly water change.

Throw away around 50% of the water and replace it with fresh water.

Discus Fish Tank Size 20 Gallons

The common mistake done by fish owners is putting the baby discus in a 20 gallon tank.

It might seem enough for a moment, but after three months, the tank should be changed into the bigger one.

It is not suggested to put one discus in 20 gallon tank, unless for spawning purpose. However, the fish owners might have to change the water more often.

The minimum tank size for keeping discus is 50 gallons. This size could fit maximum four fish in it.

For community tank, then the size must be even bigger.

One more note regarding to the tank: considering the fish’s body shape, it is better to pick the deep and tall tank instead of short and wide one.

Discus Tank Mates

A tank mate should be able to get along well with the discus. Keep in mind that discus school move and eat slowly.

For this reason, any aggressive mates won’t be good. It is also an absolute rule to keep the water requirement as it is.

This species cannot compensate, so the mates should be those that can share similar points.

Some suggested mates are neon tetra, clown loach, cardinal tetra and congo tetra.

To help the tank owner cleaning the bottom area, raising a pterygoplichthys gibbiceps or any other catfish species might be beneficial.

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Photo Image Best Discus Fish Tank Size in Home

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75 Gallons

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In conclusion, the tank owners who want to keep the discus happy and healthy must make sure to provide enough space to grow and swim.

Moreover, the water temperature and cleanliness are the second in the importance lists.

If needed, print out the details about discus fish tank size above.

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