Discus Fish Tank Setup, FishTankWeb.Com – Owning Discus is not as simple as you think, especially when it comes to Discus fish tank setup.

No matter what types of Discus you own, maintaining their tank is one of the things you have to deal with.

Although we all agree that basically all types of fish require different maintenance of tank setup, maintaining Discus tank setup requires more advanced treatment.

Discus Fish Tank Setup Requirment

To get a good aquarium, discus fish lovers should pay attention to some basic things below. This is needed to get a healthy discus fish and have a long lifespan.

Here the list:

Proper Tank Size

Before you go further about the tank setup, the very basic thing you have to care about is the ideal tank size for your Discus fish.

Just like any other types of fish, the tank size will depend on how many Discus fish you want to have in the tank.

What you can use as the standard is that one adult Discus fish requires at for about 10-15 gallons of water.

From the standard, you can count how large the tank you are going to need.

However, keep in mind that Discus is a type of fish that cannot live alone; they like to live in pairs or groups, as well with the other tank mates types.

For that reason, you can prepare a tank with the capacity of 55 gallons of water to accommodate your Discus fish and their maters.

Having five until six Discus fish in one tank is recommended.

Water Condition

Once you have got the tank that you need, it’s time to care about how the water should be in the tank.

Monitoring the water condition in your tank is as important as deciding the tank mates for tDiscus fish.

The three important aspects that you have to always monitor related to the water condition are its softness, temperature and pH.

Before discussing further about the water condition, you have to remember that there are only two ways that make fish owners can own their Discus.

The first one are the owners who have just bought the Discus from any dealers, who surely have raised them in the proper way, or some say on Discus ‘farms’.

While the second one are the owners who have just got their Discus from their natural habitat; the wild Discus.

It means they will have to adapt in the new environment with the very different surroundings.

If you are categorized as the second type owners, then you have to be more careful with the water condition.

Discus fish normally come from Arizona River; the water condition there is a little bit muddy and cannot be categorized as the clean one.

Discus fish that are spawned in that condition of water are not used to live in dark water.

Therefore, you can apply the regular tank setup with filters, artificial substrate and lights.

Furthermore, the local Discus especially the domestic raised Discus fish are expected to be placed in tank water with 77-85 Fahrenheit degrees temperature, or 25-29 degrees in Celsius.

The pH level has to be set between 6,0 and 6,5.

Regular Water Changes

After you have figured out how the water condition in your Discus tank should be, the next important thing is make the schedule of regular water changing.

Actually, the level of dirt in your tank will once again depend on how many fish you have in one tank.

However, it should not wait until more than a week to change the water. Hence, pick one specific day in a week to change the tank water.

Try to change the water on the same day every week.

If you have already found the tank is full of dirt less than a week, don’t wait until the chosen day come to change it and be flexible.

One more thing you have to keep in mind is how you change the water. Most fish owners change all the water at once.

For some reasons, that’s not the correct way to do it. It is suggested that you change the about 25% of the water at the first week.

Some types of fish, including Discus fish are not used to adapt with sudden change of water condition.

Therefore, you should change the water 25% each week.

Special treatment is applied when you have spawning fish; you should change the water more frequent.

Discus Fish Tank Setup – Lighting

Some fish owners may don’t really pay attention about the lighting of their tank, but when it comes to Discus fish, the lighting is important, too.

Therefore, here are the things you need to pay attention related to the lighting.

Basically, Discus fish will prefer moderate lighting compared to any other types.

Thus, it’s suggested for you to provide any bulbs that can enhance the beautiful colors of your Discus fish.

Be careful in choosing the color since it can reduce the beauty of your Discus fish.

Normally, 55 gallons-sized tanks require for about 4-5 watts, but it can also depend on the plants you have placed in the tank.

Some lighting can also help the plants to grow inside the tank.

Plants and Substrate

Actually, Discus fish is not a type of fish that requires any plants or substrate inside their tank.

Most fish owners also think that the best habitat to raise their Discus fish is by placing them in a bare tank.

Nevertheless, adding any plants or substrate inside your tank won’t also harm or intimidate your Discus fish.

Therefore, it’s always allowed to add any plants or substrate into your Discus tank. Don’t think that it will make you harder and more complicated in cleaning the tank.

In fact, the plants will help to nitrate level. More importantly, plants are also part of the natural habit where your Discus come from.

The only thing you have to make sure about the plants is that they have to come from any reliable sources, so the plants are free from any contaminants.

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Compared to any other types of fish, maintaining Discus fish is actually not that complicated.

They can live with most types of fish, as long as they are not intimidating them.

Therefore, maintaining your Discus fish tank setup will also become less complicated.

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