Discus Fish Water Temperature, FishTankWeb.Com – Why is it important to learn about the water temperature?

First of all, it is because discus needs to live in an exact water requirement.

This is what makes discus one of the hardest fish to raise.

The tank keepers are not suggested to compromise with the temperature, as it might bring bad effect to the fish.

Standard Discus Fish Water Temperature

Malawi River where the discus lives has different temperature for different area of the river.

Therefore, the scientists need to observe right on the area where the discus live, approximately 1.5 deep.

The average water temperature is 83.5 Farenheit or 28.6 celcius. It is still safe to set the temperature between 76.3 and 87.8 Farenheit.

Each is the lowest and highest temperature found in the area.

In the market, there are three categories of discus: heckel, green, and blue or brown discus. The standard temperature above could be applied to any of the category.

  • The Effect of Low Temperature

Keep in mind that discus live in warm water environment. It is the genetic line that require the fish to stay in the suitable temperature.

As the consequences, any temperature colder than 76 farenheit will affect discus health. It might seem fine on the first and second day.

However, the discus will gradually get sick and weaker if the condition continues as it is.

  • The Effect of High Temperature

If the water temperature inside the tank is quite high, there will be less oxygen in the water. As the result, the discus will be suffocated.

The tank owners could see the pet fish gasping for air near the water surface. It usually happens when the tank reach over 90 degrees for long period.

If the tank keepers fail to lower the temperature on time, the discus will be dead or get serious damage.

In order to drag down the temperature, it is not suggested to throw in ice cubes or pour cold water to the tank.

The right thing to do is making the aeration system works more so it could inject air bubbles to the tank.

This way, the cooling process will happen faster and the discus could get enough oxygen at the same time.

Don’t forget to set the heater to lower temperature as well.

Maintaining Discus Fish Water Temperature

After learning about the danger of having either too hot or too cold water temperature, the next challenge would be maintaining the temperature. There are several ways to keep the temperature to run the heat on the right track.

  • Tank Placement

If the tank owners want to keep the temperature, then the first area to avoid is near the window and some other chilly corners in the room.

Window is the place where the sun rays could break in. Since the tank is placed near it, then the sun rays could raise the tank temperature.

The chilly corners are not suitable as well. The temperature in this area could drop drastically within hours.

This condition later on will force the heater to do extra work. If the heater is not fit for the overwork, it will soon be worn out.

There are two requirement for a place to put on the tank. First, it cannot be reached by sun rays at daylight and will not be too cold at night time.

Many tank owners choose the middle area of living room or family room to keep their tank.

  • While Changing The Water

One of the discus owner’s routine is changing the water weekly. It is important to keep the water clean and safe for the discus.

Unfortunately, the process might affect the temperature. The fresh tap water usually has lower temperature compared to the tank water.

It could be even worse in some area that has low degree temperature in general.

Some newbie owners consider that adjusting the temperature once the water is in the tank using heater would be enough.

It is actually very dangerous for the fish. The sudden temperature alteration might even cause death to discus species.

The best thing to do is having another heater to balance the fresh water temperature.

It is good to have separated tank for the heating process. Once the water is heated, pour it into the tank.

Tips for Discus Fish Water Temperature Care

There are many cases where the tank owners might have problem with the water temperature.

Keep in mind that there is no suggestion that could be applicable for all problems.

Each case is special, thus calling for specific actions.

  • Tank Initiation

After purchasing the selected discus, the store owners usually put the pet in a plastic bag.

The temperature in the bag is already adjusted, so the owners don’t have to worry too much about the transportation safety.

The homework is introducing the discus to the new tank.

First, put the tied up plastic bag in the tank. Let the fish gradually adjust to the temperature.

Then, the fish owner could slowly open the bag and let the tank water slip in.

Let the fish gets familiar with the tank water as well. After several minutes, move the fish to the tank gently by using transport box or a net.

Don’t forget to get rid of the water in the plastic bag to the sink. It might be contaminated and ruin the quality of the tank water.

  • On Holiday Leave

Based on the many experiences shared by many fish keepers, discus species mostly dies when the owners go on a holiday.

It is not because they are abandoned, but usually because they are fed too often.

As the result, they gain weight and get killed immediately.

For the owners who are going to leave the house in a holiday, the best choice is to let them stay without food.

Any discus that has grown larger than 10 cm could survive without food for approximately two weeks.

It is also a part of their diet, which actually helps the digestive system. Aged and older discus will have up to two months.

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Even in the wild, discus species are used to stay in one area only for their whole life.

This condition explains why the beautiful fish cannot adapt well to the slightest change.

For this reason, maintaining discus fish water temperature in the tank is very important.

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