Super Red Discus, FishTankWeb.Com – As a type of Discus fish family, we have to agree that Super Red Discus is the type that most fish owners will like to have.

They may look simple at first, but many fish owners should have known that Super Red Discus are not simply as red as their name.

There are more combinations of red color that create the beauty of them.

But is that all about them? Of course not.

Some Facts about Super Red Discus

If you want to take this fish for your aquarium, it’s good to learn some interesting facts about it.

With the more knowledge you gain, you will be more able to care for and maintain it. Here the list:

1. Super Red Discus Habitat

If this is your first time of owning Discus, it’s never too late to learn about everything of them. You can start from their natural habitat.

As we all know, most of Discus breeds come from Amazon, so does with Super Red Discus.

In case you have not known you yet how Amazon looks like, the water there is a bit muddy.

There is no way that we can consider the water there as clean water.

However, most of Discus types, including this Super Red, are mostly found in that kind of water condition.

Of course, it’s their survival instinct that finally makes them can live in clean water condition too.

Therefore, if you are just about to own Super Red Discus, you can start putting them in the water with dark condition.

Note that it’s only dark condition. It’s not necessary to also add the mud, since Discus will eventually adapt to their new environment.

2. Super Red Discus Lifespan

When we talk about how long a fish can live, most of us will answer that it will depend on how well we treat them. It’s correct indeed.

No matter how long the lifespan of the fish can be, they will never reach their maximum lifespan without the good and proper treatments from their owner.

Hence, it’s so important to treat them will first without considering their lifespan at the first place.

Once you think you have treated them well, then you can relate about how well you treat them to their lifespan.

Normally, healthy Discus fish that are treated well by their owners can live up to 10 years.

Of course that’s a long time for fish that are actually not big enough from their size.

However, it’s also often to be found when Discus fish, including the Super Red type, cannot even make it to two weeks. Mostly their owners didn’t treat well.

3. Super Red Discus Size

As it was mentioned above, most of Discus fish will not grow too large.

Even for the adults, they will not grow any larger than 6-7 inches or 15 centimeters.

However, there are some cases where Discus fish can grow up to 10 inches or even more.

This kind of Discus is rarely found, but they are real.

Even though, if you are planning to own Super Red Discus, you won’t probably find that kind of experience since there is no history where Super Red Discus can grow up to 10 inches.

4. Super Discus Food

Feeding your Super Red Discus properly is one of the factors that may allow your Discus to reach their maximum lifespan.

Therefore, there are some important things you need to know about feeding them. Feeding adult Super Red Discus and their fry is different.

The first difference is surely about the portion. Let’s start from the fry first. Since they are just few days old, you can prepare small pieces of shrimp for them.

Note that any Discus fry will only take shrimp since they are still too young.

You need to cut the shrimp into smaller pieces so the fry can swallow them easily.

For the adults Super Red Discus, basically you can feed them with any combination with shrimp in it.

You can combine the shrimp with livers, hearts, veal, etc. However, you have to note that once any Discus reach their peak, they are actually not good predators.

It makes them can do just well without food for one even two weeks without food.

Their peak usually starts to come when they are around five years old.

Therefore, you can start decreasing their food once they have reached their peak.

5. Super Discus Tank Mates

When we are talking about the proper tank mates for Discus, it actually goes the same for all types of Discus; don’t put any larger tank mates than them.

Most recommended tank mates for them are the likes of Cardinal Tetras, Corydoras Catfish, Sterbai Ancistrus or any other types of fish that are not good predators too, like your Super Red Discus when they are adult.

The crucial thing is more about the types of fish you have to avoid as your Super Red Discus tank mates.

Since the tank mates can significantly affect the stress level of your Discus, you have to choose their tank mates carefully if you want to own them for a long time.

The types of fish you have to avoid are the likes of Tropical fish like Flowerhorns, Severums, Piranhas and Oscars.

Those types of fish will eventually intimidate your Discus fish.

6. Super Discus Tank Setup

Basically, all types of Discus fish require a lot of space to swim and live. Normally, an adult Discus, including adult Super Red Discus needs at least 10 gallons of water.

Therefore, you can count it by yourself about how large the tank you are going to need.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that all Discus fish types including Super Red Discus prefer to live in pairs or groups.

It’s true that they can live alone, but they tend to live longer when they live in groups.

Hence, you’ll probably need a tank with 55-60 gallons capacity as the place to live for your Super Red Discus.

After that, you also have to give your attention to the water condition.

Not only by changing it regularly, you also have to always make sure that the water temperature is around 29-30 degrees Celsius, since your Discus like to live in warm water.

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Photo Image Super Red Discus Marlboro

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Photo Image Super Red Discus Melon


No matter what types of Discus fish you plan to have, it’s always necessary to know the basic knowledge of the fish.

From their habitat to their tank setup, we need to make sure that the Super Red Discus can live to their fullest lifespan.

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