Types of Tropical Fish, FishTankWeb.Com – Is it possible to raise different types of tropical fish in a tank? Yes, it is. The problem will be how you treat them based on their needs.

To make it happen, then you need to learn about the natural habitat and behavior. The closer you mimic the ocean house, the healthier your fish will be.

Types of Tropical Fish for Aquarium

How do you want your tropical tank? Most will answer something colorful and other might also want something with cultural history.

Of course, the huge number of fish species will allow you to arrange pretty much anything you wish.

Keep in mind that some fishes belong to a group and others prefer to be alone. Body size also highlights certain threat, as ocean is another place where food chain rules.

Types of Tropical Fish for Freshwater

Expect something colorful from these freshwater species. They will be a great choice for those who are crazy for colors!

  1. Rainbow Fish

In the petite body, there are at least three different colors. The colors will also change under the light. They could be striped, or half colored.

Image Photo Types of Tropical Fish - Freshwater Rainbow Fish AquariumRainbow fish is not difficult to raise, as they are tough and could adapt well in the new environment.

A school of 6-8 fishes will keep them pleased. They do not have problem to breed in the aquarium.

Just like the parents, rainbow fish fry requires low maintenance. Feed them with any kind of fish food: frozen, flake and even live food.

Balance their diet with blood worms and brine shrimp. If you want vibrant color, simply feed them sold food with “color” label.

  1. Killifish

If you want to raise the top beauty, it will be killifish. It has bright color, especially the male. Female killifih has slightly dark color compared to the male.

Image Photo Types of Tropical Fish - Freshwater Killifish VariantIt looks majestic in an aquarium because of its wide dorsal fin. Swaying in a smooth movement in the tank, the fin gives off different glow under the light.

Killifish require specific care, thus keeping it as single fish is preferred. Always provide top quality water and also top feeding.

Only in great environment, killifish could breed. Provide its favorite food only: mosquito larvae, small worms, or dried food.

  1. Discus

This fish comes from Brazillian water. The locals describes the water as either white, blue or black.

Image Photo Types of Tropical Fish - Freshwater Discus Aquarium PetfishProbably it gives legal explanation why the discus species are asthonisihingly pretty. The color has wide range of choice, not to mention the pattern.

It is a calm fish that goes well with another non-aggressive fish. You can keep at least six of them together.

Actually this fish is not picky eater. It is the habit in the captive that makes discus eat only certain food. In the group tank, if the other tank mates eat happily, then Discus will, too.

Types of Tropical Fish for Saltwater

Going for exotic color? Then this marine species is the perfect choice for you. Find some beautiful yet unique pattern on the fish.

  1. Clownfish

After a big cinema makes clown fish as the main character, the popularity of this marine fish is rocketed.

Image Photo Types of Tropical Fish - Saltwater Clownfish ColorIts vibrant yellow with white stripes and black dots on the eye makes it an adorable company. It develops the habit to hide between the anemones, taking advantage of similar color.

When you raise it, they will make popping and clicking sound as the means of communication. Clown fish is hermaphrodites.

If you observe the school of clown fish, you will notice that there are two biggest fishes. The biggest one is the dominant female, and she is surrounded by smaller males. It could eat both aquatic plant and meat such as zooplankton and worms.

  1. Scorpion Fish

It is also known as rockfish or stonefish. To trick predators, this fish stay still among ocean bed rocks. It is more exotic than beautiful.

Image Photo Types of Tropical Fish - Saltwater Scorpion FishIn some ways, you might also enjoy the beauty of this sea creature. The available color is cream, bright red or colorful.

The color represents the lethal stages. The brighter the color, more poison contained in the spikes. This fish loves to stay in the bottom tank and blend with the surroundings.

Its predator instinct will arise when it sees small fish and anemone snail, its natural food. The spikes will shoot the target and weakened the prey.

  1. Tang and Surgeonfish

The most popular kind of the kind is Hippo Tang. It resembles Dory, in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory films. Only a few of this species possesses dull color.

Image Photo Types of Tropical Fish - Saltwater SurgeonfishThe other fishes are truly beauties. Surgeonfish is doing well only in group. They have odd behavior that resembles a dog. If they see you home, they will be the first group to swim closer to you.

Do not worry about the food, as it is herbivores. Keeping the fish in a tank with several marine plants is enough for them.

Purchased flake fish food is also great! The ritual is to tear the flakes into smaller pieces before eating them.

Types of Tropical Fish for Beginner

You need the adorable fishes to give you relaxation. Without any experience of petting animal before, you might be shocked to find that raising fish requires certain routine. Take easy step as the starting line with these fish options.

  1. Cichlids

You will fall in love in short time with this fish. First of all, the pattern and color graduation on the body is mesmerizing.

Image Photo Types of Tropical Fish for Beginner - Peacock CichlidsSecond, it is active and loves to shows tricks. Also, it recognizes the owner and greet them happily. There are hundred types of the fish, but the most popular one is African Cichlids.

As they are omnivorous, they can eat both plants and also fish meat. Fish pellet with vegetation supplement already cover all nutritional need of cichlids.

Choose the food that will sink to the water. Gasping some air when galloping the food on the water surface could lead to digestion problem.

  1. Betta

Take care of this single fish if you are a newbie. Betta fits the definition of easy maintain and ornamental pet. The color is bright and distinct. Its fin is almost like a big fan, gently brushes the water.

Image Photo Types of Tropical Fish for Beginner - Betta Siamese FishIt is individual, and will fight with other fishes in the tank. Standard floating pellet will be enough for the fish.

It includes worms and brine shrimp with vitamin and supplement as additional drop. The food will make the color stands out even more and could also possibly extend the life span.

If you want to clean the tank, take out only one third of the water and replace it with fresh water.

  1. Cory Cats

This one is calm fish that could help you with tank cleaning. It could survive in any water condition, and will actively hunt for leftovers.

Image Photo Types of Tropical Fish for Beginner - Polli Cory CatsIf you choose to keep Cory Cats, then feed them the food that will sink. During its lifetime, this fish remains small.

Thus, it will not take more spaces in the tank. You might be worried to see the fish stay in one stop and barely move.

It is how the fish take a rest from its vigorous swimming. Sleeping would be for night time, and being active is all about day time.

Type of Tropical Fish That Can Live Together

Bring plenty of active groups in one tank. It would be a great gathering for these recommended fish.

  1. Swordtails Fish

The sword is not a literal defensive weapon. It refers to long fin under its body that resembles katana. Its natural habitat is small river with fast stream.

Image Photo Types of Tropical Fish for Beginner - Swordtails FreshwaterBring the strong flow with the aquarium equipment to resemble its home. Sword tail doesn’t call for specific water condition.

But the ideal temperature would be 25-28 degree celcius. The adult will grow to maximum 12 cm long. Remember to purchase at least five of them.

The herbivorous fish will be happy with algae, but do not decline the vegetable-based flake. A tank without any live aquatic plants will stress the sword tails. Make sure you put some on your tank.

  1. Mollies

One flexible fish that could survive in both salt and fresh water is mollies. It doesn’t include dramatic change. You need to change the water density gradually.

Image Photo Types of Tropical Fish for Beginner - Molly BalloonIt is a fit company for its tough and calm manner. Keep your tank warm, between 25-28 degree celcius.

It is originally herbivore, but starts to develop carnivore behavior. But still, mollies prefer the plant based pellet to meat flakes.

It digests algae better than the most tropical fish. If you want to give treat, just throw small amount of shrimp, twice a week at the maximum.

  1. Gourami

This fish always be in the top list of favorite pet. It is because the beautiful stripes in the middle of the body and its sturdy built.

Image Photo Types of Tropical Fish for Beginner - Giant Red Tail GouramiThirty gallons tank makes a perfect house for the gourami school, with some spaces on the top to occasionally gasp some air.

When setting the aquarium, provide spaces to hide. Gourami don’t get along well with aggressive fish. Pair them only with calm fishes.

Feeding time could include both plant and meat based flakes. If you want balanced nutrition, choose algae based food and provide live shrimp or bloodworm as treat.

Types of Tropical Fish for Home Aquarium

For those who insist on having tropical tank, diversity is surely essential. You cannot take out color of marine or fresh water fish. You might infuse as many as you can with these various kinds.

  1. Neon Tetra

Image Photo Types of Tropical Fish Home Aquarium - Neon TetraYou can call it the fireflies of the ocean. Its small body glows beautifully in dark spaces. The adult will reach 1 inch at the maximum.

Any tank larger than 10 gallons will do. Keep them in a big group of minimum six fishes. Smaller number will make them bite each other’s fin.

Even though neon tetra is easy to take care, you need to change the water regularly. Don’t put them with bigger fish, as they might be a midnight snack.

  1. Danio

Image Photo Types of Tropical Fish Home Aquarium - Danios VariantThe inexpensive fish is popular for its short body and also the stripes. Danio prefer to stay in a group, at least seven of them.

Low maintenance required, and numerous color to choose! Danio also loves to swim near the water surface. It also eats literally everything: pellet or flakes.

  1. Black Skirt Tetra

This is another option for calm fish. It hates to confront the other fish. Many friends will keep it happy in the tank. Do not forget to put rocks, live or fake plants inside the tank.

Black Skirt Tetra conquers the middle part of aquarium. The silver and black colors are pleasant to watch, and three times bigger than Danio.

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Conclusion of Types of Tropical Fish

The best thing about tropical fish is the experience of being close to the ocean. Even though it is only momentarily, it helps you to relax after a long day.

Simple things like watching the fishes swim unexpectedly take longer time than you expected.

Its vibrant color in a box makes a pretty decoration. Love the varsity types of tropical fish in your aquarium!

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