Freshwater Aquarium Catfish, FishTankWeb.Com – Having freshwater aquarium catfish in your house is an experience you have to try.

You will spend so many hours watching this kind of species swimming beautifully in an aquarium.

The numbers of its types make catfish so special. But is it complex or complicated to have this kind of animal as pets in our house? Read more and find the answer.

Types of Freshwater Aquarium Catfish

If you try to collect all types of this catfish, you really need a big and wide house. There are more than 30 types of it and each type has its sub-type.

How come? That is why you need to prepare a lot of aquariums if you plan to collect all of them. Let us start from the first type.

  1. Bandit Cory

Image Photo Freshwater Aquarium Catfish - Bandit Cory PetfishDo not be scared by the name. It sounds scary but the fish does not look that intimidating. Coming from Colombia, this fish will not make you as busy as taking care of another fish.

With 2 inches only, what you need is 10 gallon aquarium size. These kinds of fish can life until 5 years from the first time they were born.

  1. Bristlenose Pleco

Image Photo Freshwater Aquarium Catfish - Bristlenose Pleco TropicalAgain, the name of the fish does not represent how it looks. We will never find any nose on it, but the color this fish is pretty cool.

This fish has strong accent of black with gold shades on its body. You need 30 gallons of water at the minimum to keep them alive until 4 years at their maximum age.

  1. Bumblebee Catfish

Do not think about animal that can sting you and left mark on it. It has no flies and fortunately it lives in water.

Image Photo Freshwater Aquarium Catfish - Bumblebee CatfishThis fish is named bumblebee for a reason. Even their body is not as big as their name, they has quite similar color with an actual bumblebee with black and orange or sometimes yellow stripe on their body.

This kind of fish is an omnivore fishes, which allow them to eat almost every food.

  1. Columbian Shark

If you are a fond of any shark movie, this kind of fish is really recommended for you. There is no better feeling than bringing a small-sized shark home.

Image Photo Freshwater Aquarium Catfish - Columbian Shark TypesThe best thing is this fish can grow up larger and larger until 20 inches at the maximum.

That is why you need to prepare 75 gallons aquarium size because if you are lucky enough and maintain them well, this kind of fish can live until 15 years.

  1. Iridescent Shark

Image Photo Freshwater Aquarium Catfish - Iridescent Sharks Tropical CatfishStill discussing about shark, this time you cannot guess what you will see. With their maximum range body until 47 inches, this kind of shark is mature enough to have their own throne in an aquarium.

The strong black color on their body completes their dignity. 300 gallons aquarium size sounds great to be their next home. This fish can be found in Asia especially Thailand.

  1. Zebra Pleco

Image Photo Freshwater Aquarium Catfish - Zebra Pleco TankIf you have never seen a zebra swimming underwater, this fish can help you imagining. The color of their body looks exacts the same with an actual zebra’s body.

With 3-4 inches body, you need for about 30 gallons aquarium size to keep them alive until 15 years longer, with proper feeding and maintain of course.

  1. Redtail Catfish

It might be the king of the freshwater catfish. Do not ever place this kind of fish with any other kind of fish.

Image Photo Freshwater Aquarium Catfish - Red Tail Catfish TankYou really need a huge aquarium or even pond to take care of this giant since its body sized up to 53 inches.

Pond sounds better in case the glass the aquarium cannot hold their mighty power.

Freshwater Aquarium Catfish Food

Do not be to worry about so many types of fish up there because their foods are not as various as the fish. Basically all those fishes can eat some similar food and here are some recommendations.

  1. Flake and Pellet Foods

Since we are discussing about freshwater catfish, flake and pellet foods come up on the top list. The nutrition matter is the main reason.

Besides, this food is really good at controlling the diet for most fish. One thing you have to remember is once you exposed the food to air, its nutrition function is decreasing slowly.

That is why this food is only effective for the first three month only. Another one thing you have to note is this food is designed for some specific types of fish only, and omnivore fishes are not in the list.

  1. Frozen Foods

Frozen food can be the best option for all types of fishes. The level of safety among other foods is the main reason why you can put this food at the first place.

The food is free from any process, which keeps the nutrition and fiber in this food at the highest level.

The other thing you should consider from this food is the price. With all of the comparison and its benefits, this food is less expensive than live food or any other food.

  1. Leaving Fish for Holiday Food

Since fishes are not like dogs or cats which can easily we bring with us on our holiday, bringing aquarium during holiday is not a really recommended idea.

This fact makes some fish owners think how will they feed their fishes when leave their house for more than one day. The good news is not all fishes need to eat every day.

In fact, they can still alive without food until seven days in healthy condition. More than that there are some options you can do.

For herbivore fishes, you can give them a bunch of aquarium plants left at their devices. Community fishes can be feed using automated feeder. Make sure you have the device on your aquarium.


Having fishes as our pets needs some true commitment. Even they only live in an aquarium which is usually placed in on certain area, you can never take the feeding and maintaining matter easily.

Sometimes we need to do more than that to keep the beauty of them. For those who would love to enjoy that kind of beauty, having freshwater aquarium catfish is a wise choice.


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