Tropical Community Fish, FishTankWeb.Com – If you are a fan of tropical fish, especially if you a beginner, you must know about the community fish.

There are fishes that can kept and live individually in the aquarium, and there are fishes that need to live together in a group.

A group of fish which moves in the tank will create an amazing view for you.

Fish List Characteristics for Tropical Community Fish Compatibility

What has to be considered in choosing the fish? If you want the community fish in the tank, the compatibility needs to be considered.

Compatibility is related to the fish’s ability to live together. The good compatibility from the fish provides a healthy environment for the fish itself.

When choosing the type of fish, pay attention with the tanks that you choose as well. Each fish has different compatibility towards its environment, whether the fish needs cold water or warm water. In this case, the tropical community needs warm water.

How the fish interact with each others also needs to be calculated. To create the best habitats for the cohabitants, you need to know the fish tendency towards each other.

It depends on the gender, species, the area where they live, and others factors.


Angelfish is an aggressive fish. Do not put a smaller fish on the area where this fish lives.

Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Queen Angelfish TankAgain, this kind of fish is good to live with others fish, but it will not safe to put the neon tetras in there.


Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Tiger Barb FishA barb is an active fish. It attracts attention with its black stripes in its yellow body, but it has problem with the smaller fishes like the angelfish. Do not put fish which is smaller, especially with the long fins.

Tropical Community Fish

Betta Fish

Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Betta Fish Siamese FishBetta fish is divided into two, the female and the male Betta. The female betta can live with other fishes as long as it is peaceful fishes. Meanwhile, the male Betta likes to live alone because they are individual.


Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Cichlids FishChichi is an aggressive fish but they can still adapt quite well. Remember to keep the Cichlid with the other same size fishes.

They can be territorial so keeping them with other fishes on the same size is the wisest approach.


Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Cory Cat FishThe other temperamental fish which is good for your aquarium is the Cory Cats. This fish can adapt well with all conditions of water.

Besides that, it is easy to feed them and they can live together well with others fish as well.


Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Danio FishDanios is well known to occupy the freshwater tank. It has the great colors that catch the attention.

It can adapt and live in a group. However, you need to remember to put it with other calm fishes. Sometimes, its active moment can be irritating for the calm one.

Eels fish

Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Bernis Eel FishEels have an attractive shape and pattern. Freshwater eels can live together with other species.

However, they can become aggressive as well. Do not put the small species with them. They aggressiveness can put the small fishes in danger.


Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Goldfish FishpetGoldfish is popular because of its compatibility. Goldfish comes with many sizes and colors. It will look amazing in the aquarium.

It has high learning ability as well which is good for the adaptation.

Tropical Community Fish


Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Dwarf Gourami Colisa Lalia
Dwarf Gourami Colisa Lalia

Gouramis is a schooling fish which is good in adaption. However sometimes, it can be aggressive too.

This tendency comes with some species in a small aquarium. Therefore, put it in the larger one.


Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Guppy Fish
Male and Female Guppy

A guppy has a mid-blowing fin and tails. If you want this species to fill in your tank, you have to know about the ration.

It is best to put them in the aquarium with the one male and two females. Don’t let it stays with the Gouramis. It will get killed.

Molly Fish

Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Balloon Molly Fish
Balloon Molly

If you want to make the aquarium more dramatic by adding some contrast, just choose a group of mollies.

This fish has good compatibility as long as you keep them with the peaceful species. Mollies can also adapt both in the fresh water and salt water aquariums.

Oscar is a kind of fish which needed a spacious aquarium to live. This fish can grow to be a large fish. It will be troublesome if you want to put them in a group.


Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Dwarf Rasbora Boraras maculatus
Dwarf Rasbora, Boraras maculatus

Rasboras is a cute fish which can attract your attention. This small fish can live well with the others calm fish while it has colorful appearance which is good for the display. Look at the coloration and fall for this hardy fish.

Loach fish

Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Clown Loach
Clown Loach

Loaches has tendency to be aggressive among its kind but do not hesitate to keep them with the others fish.

They will adapt well. Loach has orange colors with black stripes which is great to watch.

Freshwater Tropical Community Fish

After knowing the compatibility, it is better to know what the popular fish is at first. The freshwater fish is recognized by its community fish.

It is glorious to see the group of fish moves together in the aquariums and make some display just for you.

Begin with the schooling fish, neon tetra is the one. If you are a beginner, just choose this fish.

It has bright colors and it can be kept in the group which consists of 30 fish or more. Blend it with the other fishes to make more beautiful and attractive scenery.

Tropical Community Fish

Rainbow Fish

Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Boesemani Rainbow Fish
Boesemani Rainbow Fish

Rainbow fish or Iriatherina is a very calm fish which suite your tank well. Put it with 5 fish or more in a large aquarium.

This will prevent their fin from hurting the others. The unique shape and its behavior will leave you impressed.

Marble Hatchet Fish

Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Marble Hatchet Fish
Marble Hatchet Fish

Marbled hatchet fish is a shy fish yet it has breathtaking look. It can live well in a community and it sometimes comes out in the layer of water. It is a good jumper and it can hit the tank occasionally.

Twig Catfish

Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Twig Whiptail Catfish
Twig / Whiptail Catfish

The other type of community fish you may want to consider is catfish. The Twig catfish is a peaceful one.

Set a large tank for it because it can form a group up to 15 cm length. It is a herbivore and it really likes to eat algae.

Otocinclus catfish

Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Otocinclus catfishOtocinclus catfish is an active fish but they are a shy type. It usually hides and moves in a large group.

It makes them safer. Pay attention to the salinity if you want to keep this fish because it is rather sensitive.

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Panda Corydoras

Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Panda CorydorasPanda Corydoras is the smallest type of catfish with black pattern. Put the sand in the landscape to make it comfortable.

It likes to moves there. Sometimes, it can be hyperactive so it will be nice to observe their behavior all the time.


Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Platy FishThe others fish which is suitable for the community tank is Platies. It can live together with the other calm fishes.

It has many different colors and it is amazing to see when those fishes move together.

Freshwater Tropical Community Fish

Cherry Barb

Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Cherry BarbCherry Barb is an eye catching fish with red colors. It can settle in the aquariums with the non-aggressive species like Danios or Bettas.

It likes to keep in the community but you have to put just one male to avoid the fight.

Pearl Gourami

Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Pearl GouramiPearl Gourami likes to live in group as long as it does not disturb them. The gourami has a gorgeous appearance with black stripes.

Do not worry for the maintenance because this fish is easy to care. It also likes to hide so landscaping is a good idea.

Rosy Danio

Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Rosy DanioRosy Danio can live in the water with up to 7.5 of pH. This fish is a calm fish with the gorgeous white and orange colors.

Put it with other small fishes and enjoy it to occupy the aquariums.

Mountain Minnow

iMAGE pHOTO Tropical Community Fish - Mountain MinnowWhite Cloud Minnow or Mountain Minnow is a perfect match for small fish. It can live in the extreme conditions and can rise in the small size aquariums.

It has white and red colors which blend into one and it makes it more beautiful.

Zebra Danio

Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Zebra DanioIf you want to look at the fish which can adapt with every fish, Zebra Danio lives up your expectation.

The visualization from this fish is amazing. With its blue colors and yellow stripe, it easily catches attention. It can live in the 10 gallon size aquariums.

Dwarf Shrimp

IMAGE pHOTO Tropical Community Fish - Red Dwarf Shrimp
Red Dwarf Shrimp

The other species to accompany the fish is the shrimp. Dwarf shrimp can be the mate for peaceful species. They will not bother them. This mini shrimp is a good view for you.

Freshwater Tropical Community Fish


Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Veiltail Goldfish Fishpet
Veiltail Goldfish

If you like colorful display, just choose the Goldfish. It has various colors and they will come out beautiful when they are together.

They variation of colors come from the bio modification. This is why this fish is very popular.


Image Photo Tropical Community Fish - Marigold Wag Swordtail
Marigold Wag Swordtail

The other popular fish is Swordtail which have the tails like swords. In order to keep this kind of fish healthy, you will need 20 gallons size of aquarium.

In the large aquarium, you can see it live and adapt with other fish like Marigold and Red Velvet.

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Conclusion of Tropical Community Fish

If you decide to have a community fish, just consider the types of fish that you want to choose.

The right choice of a fish and its mate can make a wonderful visualization especially when they move together.

Tropical community fish is a good choice for you to fill the aquarium with a great drama.

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